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The Company The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) is wholly owned by the
Federal Government of
Nigeria. NRC was constituted on 3rdOctober 1921 by the amalgamation of the
Lagos Government
Railway (LGR) and the Baro-Kano Railway (BKR). It originally operated as a
Civil Servant
Department, designated the Nigerian Government Railway Department. It
became an autonomous public
corporation created by an Act of Parliament, the Nigerian Railway
Corporation Act of 1955 as
amended in 1990, giving it a monopoly position in the rail sector within
the country. The
construction of rail tracks spanned over a period sixty-seven years, made
up of the first phase
spanning thirty years (1898-1927) then followed by lull of thirty years
(1927-1957) during which
there was no rail development and, a second phase of another seven years
as below: 1898- 1927
Lagos-Kafanchan 1957-1964 Kafanchan – Maiduguri Not much has been done in
terms of rail
construction since1964 except the 277 kilometre standard gauge rail line
project under
construction between Itakpe via Ajaokuta to Warri, which is now over 80%
completed. The Nigerian
Railway system is over 100 years old, which makes it the oldest public
utility in the
country.Location NRC’s corporate Headquarters is located in Lagos at the
Yaba / Ebute- Metta
industrial layout, Ebute- Metta, Lagos. It has a liaison office in Abuja
and seven (7) divisional
headquarters in Zaria, Bauchi, Enugu, Kafanchan, Ibadan, Lagos, and Port
Harcourt. 3. Type of
BusinessNRC provides the following services: Passenger Services. These
include: Express trains
for long distance travel e.g. Lagos-Kano Inter city trains for medium
journey travels e.g. Port
Harcourt- Enugu Mass Train Trains (MTT) for linking rural and urban areas
e.g. Minna-
Kaduna-Minna Commuters for intra-city movement Freight Services. These
include: Covered Wagons
suitable for loading dry goods such as cement and general merchandise.
Open Wagons suitable for
loading dry goods such as cars, billets, etc. Special Wagons, Tank Wagons-
for liquid goods, and
Baggage Vans suitable for parcels, household items and other courier
services SBX/CBX for
animals/general goods and farm products Workshop Services. These include:
Maintenance of locos
and rolling Stock; Foundry services -bricks making & carpentry; and Other
commercial services.
Ancillary services.


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The development of intra city rail lines in major cities like Lagos, Kano,
Port-Harcourt, Abuja,

Ibadan, Enugu, Kaduna and Jos will considerably boost market potential for
the rails and reduce

congestions on the roads in these cities. There is therefore a great
opportunity for investment

in the rail sector for theconstruction of intra city networks and other
lines through BOT and

other schemes. In the long term, the proposed interconnection of railway
networks in the Economic

Community of West African States (ECOWAS) will link our neighbouring
landlocked countries byrail

to ease the congestion at our seaports and promote international trade.
SECTION B Additional

Information 9. Performance/ Current Status The Permanent way is old and
worn out in many parts

Out of a total of 3,987 wagons only 1578 wagons were fit and available as
at March 2004 Most of

the equipment and other facilities in all the three major maintenance
workshops (Zaria, Enugu,

and Ebute-Metta) are obsolete and in need of replacement In the past
signalling had relied on

manual antiquated telephone system for its communication, the VHF system
recently introduced with

72 Masts positioned round the railway system to facilitate control of
trains is failing on

account of vandalisation of solar panels The volume of traffic for both
passenger and freight has

been on a downward trend, presently the railway is currently responsible
for less than 1% of the

total land transport in the country NRC has been kept afloat by a monthly
government grant of

about Nigeria.


VISION STATEMENT: To be a world-class rail transport organization, which provides efficient, affordable, reliable, widely connected and customer oriented services.

OUR MOTTO “Safety first”: Over the years, we remain un-equalled in the area of safety. With NRC, be rest assured of safe delivery of persons and products.

v Movement of passenger, goods, parcels/courier.
v Maintenance of track, signalling & telecommunication, locomotives and rolling stock.
v Third party jobs, utilizing excess capacity.
v Estate management.

We encourage third party concerns in rail business. NRC usually dedicate wagons/locomotives to clients who undertake the repairs/rehabilitation for their exclusive use and amortize the sum through freight bills over an agreed conditions.




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